Welcome to the site! Have a little look around. Maybe Here or prehaps Here! You could also go visit my Youtube or Instagram for some more content. Have a nice stay :)

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Releasing the first 3 chapters of my webnovel — Ruptur’our NOW! It's a litRPG, fantasy adventure! The story follows Alex, who after months of his own hardships, gets a rather quick wakeup experience in a new world. I will try to add chapters weekly/semiweekly. It is free to read here on the site, so go have a little readthrough. There is also an accompanying Discord server, that you should join to get announcements for the novel and see discussions about the chapters: https://discord.gg/CDSSkBCe

Other than that, I've changed the layout of the website. Not completely fine tuned yet but I like the new look.

And~ Happy New Years!


"More on those in next update in about 2 week I'd assume." Lamo! Made another animation and worked on three others over the months, two still in progress while one's scrapped. Futshirt is also shelfed for the moment. Main projects rn, I am working on some comisions and I've just started a webnovel project that I want to release on a weekly or semiweekly basis. I just gotta come up with a name first.


What I am currently up to, as of 31 mars 2021: Published my first animation a week ago and focus right now is setting up youtube and work on a second animation. I'll also work on a project named Futshirt that I hope to launch within the month. I am ontop of that doing some design work for an indegame studio(hush, hush). Projects on the side line are the comics and another video idea for youtube. More on those in next update in about 2 week I'd assume.